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Blizzard Hongkong

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Blizzard Hongkong

Die Kritik an Blizzard nimmt weiter zu, nachdem der Publisher die politische Stellungnahme eines Hearthstone-Profis sanktionierte. Der umstrittene Bann von Hearthstone-Profi blitzchung führte zu einem Boykott von Blizzard, scharfer Kritik von US-Politikern und dem Verlust. Blizzard sperrt Hearthstone-Profi, der "Freiheit für Hongkong" fordert und löst gigantischen Shitstorm aus. Blizzard hat einen E-Sportler aus.

Hongkong: Blizzard sperrt E-Sport-Profi wegen Solidaritäts-Aktion

Offizielle Streams von Gamesturnieren sollen unpolitisch sein, findet Blizzard. Doch die Strafe gegen den Gamer, der Freiheit für Hongkong. Hongkong-Kontroverse: US-Politiker schreiben kritischen Brief an Blizzard. US-​Politiker kritisieren Blizzards Entscheidung, einen E-Sportler aus. Wegen Solidarität mit Hongkong Spielehersteller Blizzard sperrt E-Sport-Profi. Während der Live-Übertragung eines E-Sport-Wettbewerbs.

Blizzard Hongkong What are the protests in Hong Kong about? Video

Asmongold Reacts To Blizzard's Hong Kong/China CRISIS - Breakdown By Bellular

Blizzard Hongkong

On Oct. Blizzard isn't the only business tangled up in the Hong Kong protests. In June, mass protests began in Hong Kong over a controversial proposed law, now suspended, that would've allowed for the extradition of residents to countries around the world, including China.

People feared this would let the Chinese government apprehend people in Hong Kong and send them to mainland China to be subjected to a far stricter legal system.

Protesters have taken to the streets, as well as the Hong Kong International Airport , and demonstrations have grown to include demands for democracy.

This has led to multiple clashes with law enforcement , including one teenager getting shot in the chest by police on Oct.

Following his win during the Asia-Pacific Grandmasters broadcast on Oct. This statement, however, appears to be different from the official statement from the company made on the Chinese social media platform Weibo on Oct.

Multiple translations of the Chinese statement show a much harsher tone from the company. Here's IGN's translation:.

The players involved will be banned, and the commentators involved will be immediately terminated from any official business.

Also, we will protect [or safeguard] our national dignity [or honor]. He said China "had no influence on our decision. Blitzchung's ban has been reduced to six months from 12, and he'll receive his winnings from his recent tournament victory.

The casters who conducted the postgame interview will also have a six-month ban. After Blizzard reconsidered its punishment, Bliztchung released a statement via Twitter on Oct.

He said he appreciates his reduced penalty, but he now questions his future with Hearthstone. Honestly, I have no idea on that yet.

I will take this time to relax myself to decide if I am staying in the competitive Hearthstone scene or not. Blitzchung also said he would be careful expressing his opinion and showing support for the Hong Kong protests in the future.

I'm not [regretful] of what I said. Following the initial announcement about Blitchung's banning, gamers began expressing their disappointment and outrage on Twitter, causing BoycottBlizzard to trend.

Others canceled their subscriptions to World of Warcraft, including former Blizzard developer Mark Kern. Some also began deleting their Battle.

Hearthstone, the competitive card game central to this controversy, has been "review bombed. Help keep Vox free for all by making a contribution today.

Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Blitzchung, the Hong Kong based player at the center of the Blizzard controversy. This is a big deal. Email required. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice and European users agree to the data transfer policy.

For more newsletters, check out our newsletters page. Blizzard President J. Allen Brack addresses his and the company's role in penalizing Hong Kong pro Hearthstone player blitzchung.

We failed in our purpose. And for that, I'm sorry, and I accept accountability" pic. Said one user: "amount of times J Allen Brack mentioned Hong Kong or China for why in this context all esports players should have the right of free speech and expression: 0.

The censorship of human life is indefensible. Activision Blizzard is less than a month from Blizzcon, an annual convention it puts on to showcase new games and celebrate its fans.

Some fans are talking about boycotting the convention, others are planning to stage a protest. Some of most dedicated Activision Blizzard fans feel betrayed.

For that, I am sorry, and I accept accountability. For many fans, the apology felt hollow. Blitzchung is still suspended.

So too are the two Taiwanese Hearthstone casters who were hosting the stream. In the days following the event, Blizzard Entertainment provided a new comment to the Guardian on the controversy.

The first point is correct. A message from the official Hearthstone account on Chinese social media site Weibo last month, however, appeared to have taken its own political stance.

Blizzard-Präsident J. Allen Brack hat sich zu Beginn der Blizzcon für den Umgang mit der Hongkong-Kontroverse entschuldigt. Bevor das. Gerade hatte Blizzard die Bestrafung eines für Hongkong protestierenden eSportlers gemildert, jetzt sperrt der Verleger erneut Spieler! Offizielle Streams von Gamesturnieren sollen unpolitisch sein, findet Blizzard. Doch die Strafe gegen den Gamer, der Freiheit für Hongkong. Hongkong-Kontroverse: US-Politiker schreiben kritischen Brief an Blizzard. US-​Politiker kritisieren Blizzards Entscheidung, einen E-Sportler aus. On October 8th, Video game developer Blizzard banned virtual card game Hearthstone player Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung for voicing support for Hong Kong protesters during a competition live stream. Blizzard's Hong Kong Screw-Up Is Officially an International Incident The company's communities are in chaos and US senators are taking notice, following the suspension of a pro 'Hearthstone'. At the time, 38% of our readers said they were boycotting Blizzard, 23% were not, and 30% had already sworn off Blizzard games anyway. “I think it would be interesting to get a poll of where people currently stand when it comes to the boycott of their products that originated from the backlash of their handling of the Hong Kong Debacle. Activision Blizzard, one of America’s biggest gaming companies, just bowed to Chinese censorship in a disturbing way: suspending a professional player of Hearthstone, its digital card game, over a. Mei, a character from Blizzard’s game Overwatch, has been adopted as a mascot by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. In diesem Finale treten gegen Ende des Jahres dann die zwei besten Spieler der jeweiligen Regionen gegeneinander an und wetteifern um ein Preisgeld in Höhe von Es kann mir Gute Farm Spiele Ärger einbringen, auch für meine persönliche Sicherheit. Ja Nein. Ich habe nicht genügend Informationen erhalten.
Blizzard Hongkong
Blizzard Hongkong The mobile version of the popular first-person-shooter game came out Oct. Come on guys! Brack has Jfdbrokers confirmed that this statement was not approved by Blizzard in the US, as its Chinese publishing partner, Netease, has sole control of its Weibo accounts a Chinese partner company is a legal requirement for Blizzard to publish its games in China. After Blizzard reconsidered its punishment, Bliztchung released Forge Of Empires Browser statement via Twitter on Oct. There is tremendous Blizzard Hongkong in understanding. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas; Sen. As for the event itself, there were few public protests made during the various panels with the exception of a couple of people saying "free Hong Kong" during one panel's QA session. Will they never again bow to the will of the Chinese government? Ron Bio Sellerie, a Democrat from Oregon; Sen. Blizzard, who created among other things World of Warcraft, is a massive company. They clearly want to be bigger there. Blitzchung stood up for something he believed in, and we think that deserves recognition. Some of most dedicated Activision Blizzard fans feel betrayed. Correction, Oct. Kickstarter Tumblr Art Club. October 8,pm. Chamberlin feels it was important to celebrate the game, while understanding the controversy around it. 10/8/ · Outrage at Activision Blizzard is mounting after the company suspended Hearthstone pro Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai for declaring his support of Hong Kong’s protest are . 11/8/ · 'I care about Blizzard but the Hong Kong situation is dire': the gaming convention rocked by protest This year’s BlizzCon, a 35,strong event in California for fans of World of Warcraft Author: Rebecca April May. 10/9/ · Activision Blizzard Inc. is facing a fierce backlash and calls for a boycott after a unit of the American video-game company punished a player for supporting Hong Kong’s protest movement, the.

Blizzard Hongkong bietet Blizzard Hongkong nicht Betchain eine Webseite. - Blizzard im Verbannungswahn: US-Senatoren schreiten ein

Von den beiden Castern, die Blitzchung in dem Livestream interviewt haben, trennt sich Blizzard ebenfalls mit Wetter Nürtingen 7 Tage Wirkung.


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